iKON fans fury with YG continues to escalate and this recent incident only made it worse.

On June 27, veteran idol Eun Ji Won (who is part of YG Entertainment) released a solo album. Initially, fans were happily streaming his songs when suddenly some noticed a very strange thing, one of the songs sounds eerily similar to a song former iKON member Hanbin wrote and produced.

That song was available on V Live; Hanbin had teased the song to his fans and talked about it on a broadcast.

Fans were furious after taking a look at the song credits, the song ‘Worthless’ had no mention of Hanbin’s name anywhere. Fans began trending #CreditHanbin on twitter.

The hashtag quickly climbed up worldwide trend coming in first place. Fans were demanding YG credits Hanbin for his hard work, many expressing their disappointment with the way YG had and still is treating Hanbin.

Initially, YG released a statement telling news outlets they’ll look into it. Later they returned with a statement admitting the song was co-composed by Hanbin.

They told news outlet JoyNews24 his name was not included on the tracklist due to his personal request. The agency assured fans he will be registered to the Korean Music Copyright Association as a writer of the song.

Despite YG’s response, many fans couldn’t wrap their heads around the explanation provided by the agency.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

Just when you thought YG was done messing up, they assure you you’re wrong!

I personally cannot understand the statement, I know Hanbin is not particularly liked by netizens right now but he worked his ass off to produce and write songs, why wouldn’t he want to be credited? why would he be ok with this?

If he didn’t want that, why not just scrap the song altogether? Why add it to the album in the first place? I can’t understand (logically speaking) why someone would accept a song he wrote to be released but tells his former agency that he doesn’t want his name on there…. why?

I am glad fans made a big issue out of this, this needs to be pointed out not hidden. If Hanbin hadn’t shown it, no one would’ve even taken a second look.

I have noticed that YG has a knack for making EVERY fandom of their artists hate them at one point. If you look around you’ll find that each fandom of a YG group has a vendetta against the agency and its founder. I almost want to classify it as a talent of YG Ent.