Fans woke up to some pretty weird news, somehow, BTS Jungkook and BLACKPINK Lisa were in the same sentence and it’s not what fans expected.

The “Nickelodeon Mexico Kid’s Choice Awards” revealed the full list of nominees for its upcoming awards, there is one particular award that really freaked out fans, BTS Jungkook and BLACKPINK Lisa were nominated for ‘Best Ship.’

The award show official website even gave this ship a hashtag, #LisKook.

The subject of ships is a controversial thing among fandoms; many take things too far to the point where they believe two idols are dating simply because they unknowingly looked at each other for like 1 second at an award show two years ago.

The subject of ships is also not liked by many because it creates rumors of idols dating. As many kpop fans already know, idols dating aren’t really considered okay in South Korea. Some idols get heavily affected when they get caught by paparazzi. It’s also creepy and weird.

Here are some of fans’ reactions:

What do you think of this?