It was previously reported that BLACKPINK Jennie looked sick at an event in the Philippines. She was seen holding her tummy, visibly in pain. Many fans were worried about her and hoped she’d take time off to take care of her health.

However, its unfortunate that BLACKPINK had a concert the very next day in Macao and it appears that things haven’t gotten better for Jennie.

Fans noticed that she was weak during the concert and didn’t perform as her vibrant usual self, she was also seen tilting her head to the back and it appears that she almost vomited.

She was also seen by fans seemingly telling the staff she was not feeling well.

Jennie didn’t participate in the encore stage with the rest of her members; she left to take care of herself.

After videos of the concert made their way to Twitter, fans began trending #GetWellSoonJennie. They sent her many encouraging messages asking her to take care of herself better.

Following the concert she left two messages on her Instagram story, here is what she told fans,

“Blinks, I’m so sorry about what happened earlier. I’m feeling much better now and I’ll make sure I take much better care of myself. Macao Blinks! Thank you all for coming out tonight. I’m sorry that I had to leave without saying goodbye and I promise the next time we see each other I’ll be well and healthy. Thank you Macao! I love you.

And thank you to my sweet sweet chulichaeng who made sure blinks don’t feel the empty spot.”

Get well soon Jennie



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