“Arthdal Chronicles” Ratings Drop Following Song Joong Ki Divorce Announcement

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tvN drama “Arthdal Chronicles” continues to struggle with ratings amid its lead Song Joong Ki Divorce Announcement.

Following Song Joong Ki’s sudden shocking divorce announcement, tvN released an official statement answering the question whether this week’s broadcast will carry on or be delayed due to the news, tvN stated the actor’s private life has nothing to do with the broadcast and everything will carry on as usual.

June 29 episode of “Arthdal Chronicles” ratings dropped. According to Nielsen Korea, the episode scored an average of 5.8% which is lower than its previous week episode which scored an average of 6.5%.

Many fans and industry insiders were curious to see if the announcement would have an effect on the drama that was projected to score better ratings before it began airing. The drama cost more than $40 million to make and has been wavering around 5% to 7% in ratings since it began airing.

what do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I was one of the people who were extremely curious to see if anything would change.

I feel like the people behind the drama feel terrible learning about the ratings. As I said before, I plan on writing a specific article dedicated to the subject of the rating but I will wait until part two wraps up.

A lot of things led to these numbers and I previously touched on that in my twitter account, its very difficult to bring people in interest in a drama goes down after it first starts airing.

I have been watching kdramas for 9 years and I have noticed that it take a miracle for a drama to rate better if when if at the beginning it didn’t get good ratings or reviews. People tend to give up easily and move on to the next thing. “SKY Castle” for example had terrible ratings when it aired its first episode, but as soon as that episode went out netizens began talking about it and recommending it to others, this translated to higher ratings with each episode.

“SKY Castle” now holds the record for the highest rated drama in Korean cable history. But if that drama had received negative reviews, people wouldn’t have come back.

“Arthdal Chronicles” didn’t give a good first impression. I feel sad because I wanted the drama to do better, it’s one of a kind in South Korea; it’s a genre no one attempted before so the stakes were high.

I predict that the drama rating numbers will be in this range 5%-8% throughout the second part. I honestly don’t know what they plan on doing with part three that is supposed to air in September. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes and if the ratings pick up in the meantime.

I honestly think it’s a risky move, Koreans will forget about the drama and move on to the next thing and it might not be easy to gain back audience in the same numbers almost two months later.

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. I think the ratings only dropped in Korean viewership, but International ratings are probably higher…don’t quote me, but International fans tens not to be as judgemental as Koreans based fans…their moral compass is so pointed as if divorce is some great sin…they also treat these celebrities as though they own them, and can dictate they way they live their lives, etc…

    TVN should keep airing the episodes and focus on International appeal, if the viewer rankings locally aren’t high, because International fans have more common sense and forgiveness for issues that are a person’s private life…he didn’t kill no one…so we can look at it as just a tv show and nothing the entire cast should be punished for….

    1. I agree! I watch every new episode Netflix gets, I love the show and I think it will do better internationally. It’s really sad how celebs are treated in S. Korea. Song Joong Ki getting divorced is no one’s business. His career and private life are two different things, his Korean fans need to learn to separate the two.

      1. Arthdal Chronicles shows the versatility of Song Jong Ki, proving that he is not just a pretty face. The plot is slowly building up as well. IInternational audience just wont let go of a beautiful story

    2. I agree with you”” I don’t see what his private life have to do with the broadcast. My sister has tell me about that show and I like it and can’t wait for the next one, he must have his reason to do what he do so they should give the poor guy a break everything happen for a reason.

      1. I like the drama. The casts are great. Esp Jong ki and Ji Won.. I admire how Jong Ki made it through the dual role very well at the same time struggling through his marriage. You did great Joong Ki. You may still be angry and hurting but you remained a gentleman. Congratulations!!

    1. Me too love the show and I can’t wait to unwrap the story every episode and now days are too long waiting for another episode to be downloaded in Netflix.

  2. It’s an OUTSTANDING drama..The risk was worth it on all levels: Cast, Storyline, Cinematography, etc. His private life should be left as that PRIVATE. Ratings should not be based on all the media sensationalism in Korea about it. SJK should be respected for publicly addressing his private life and Korea should support him no matter what as I know all the international fans do. Divorces are painful to all the parties involved. God bless you and protect you Song Joong ki today and always.

  3. If someone stop watching the show because of his divorce than whoever it is he/she was never a true fan of his. If they were they should’ve respect is decision and support him. True fan never die whatsoever.…………

  4. I’ve watched artdhal chronicles in Netflix i don’t like the story evenrhough there is a subtitle. I don”t know what story the actors are portraying. They said its like game of throne so i’m curious to watch it but its different. Its a very complicated story to understand of what is all about So i stoped watching it. Fr. Philippines

  5. International fans are still interested in the drama. They are more matured and understanding fans. It has nothing to do with sjk private life. I will still love and support song joong ki and song hye kyo as individual actors and not as a couple anymore koreans has a different view and taste in choosing drama. They hook to romcom, melodrama story. Unlike with international fans. For example they dont support scarlet heart ryo but it was popular to international fans like me.

    1. It’s disheartening to think of Korea being so fickle-minded about their actors’ private life. Come on Korea, live up to be a civilized society that you are. Divorce is not a big deal. It happens everywhere and SJK’ private life has nothing to do with how he is as an actor. Let’s give him a chance to do what he wants. As fans we don’t own them. He took the risk of losing his career just to divorce his wife. Perhaps there is really something grand behind all his recent actions. All we can do is continue supporting them both even in their separate ways. Don’t be hypocrites.

  6. Absolutely blows my mind how judgemental Koreans are toward actors and singers. They are humans with lives and they owe you nothing but to perform and make good tv and music. Just a shame that it is like that and it’s ko wonder the pressures of the public cause so many suicides in that country. Just a shame.

  7. Koreans are so involved with the personal lives of their actor/actress/idols. Let them grow up and tackle their own problems.
    I’m watching that show not because of SJK only, the other actors deserved to be praised with their roles.

  8. Arthdal Chronicles is absolutely a MUST SEE drama, everything is superb that is why i cant wait to see the forthcoming episodes, the whole cast you can not ask for more, they are great… From the Philippines

  9. Divorces happen people. His private life should not overshadow his work. I m faithfully watching it on Netflix. International viewers like it. Maybe they are dropping in korea only‍♀️

  10. The drama Arthdal Chronicles is worthwatching, always looking forward for the next episodes. For me, it has nothing to.do with the actor’s personal problems. As long as he portrays well the role he has given him. Anyways thats his promise, whatever he’s dealing with in his personal life he would still give us best performance. That’s what a real actors are, right? Just saying.

  11. My husband and I love it so much! Its actually a great show. You can’t compare this to GOT. The story/ writings, acting, cinematography, everything are great and impressive! We have no problem on following each storyline at all. We hope they don’t cancel it because of actor’s issue or ratings. I’ll give 98% ratings for this show.

  12. I like the drama. The casts are great. Esp Jong ki and Ji Won.. I admire how Jong Ki made it through the dual role very well at the same time struggling through his marriage. You did great Joong Ki. You may still be angry and hurting but you remained a gentleman. Congratulations!!

  13. I loved this drama so much
    God bless song hye kyo and song joong ki i hope they find peace and happiness i love them both❤️

  14. im hook in this drama…im excited to know more on next episode..all puzzle has been put into pieces..you should watch it from the beginning to understand the story…its unique

  15. I love ARthdal Chronicles
    I love SJK i dont care about his personal i love him as an actors i cant wait to the next episode its getting better and better every episode..
    GodbLess to All the cast and crew of Arthdal Chronicles..

  16. I love it. .. and I will continue watching it. I’m always praying it’s sat and Sunday so I can watch the next episode on Netflix. I hope all SJK movies and dramas be aired on Netflix. We should not judge them because of what they believe regarding their personal lives. I love his acting and innocent look. I’m a fan.

  17. I am a true fan and believe in SJK’s talent. His personal life is his, we shouldn’t get ourselves involve in anybody’s personal business. Judge the performance and the storyline. Have faith with the writer, the director, and all the cast.

    1. Why to stop watching this special drama which I am waiting for upload neglecting even my exam. Thts their personal problem everyone has their own problem just the diff is tht some people don’t show it thts all n we didn’t try to find out too. I will watch till the end without fail.

  18. I actually can’t wait to watch the drama.. INITIALLY..
    But after the ‘divorce ‘ news.. I think I can wait. NOT INTERESTED anymore.

  19. I have a really hard time understanding Korean audiences. Do they just have too much choice?
    Scarlet Heart was a flop- I loved it
    What’s the matter with secretary Kim was a hit- Jees it was sooooo boring in the second half.
    Last Empress was utterly rubbish and slapstick with too much product placement- GOT EXTENDED!!!
    Arthdal Chronicles is a drama I am really enjoying- just average ratings.
    So annoying!
    The only drama we seem to agree on is the Crowned Clown! That was freaking amazing

  20. I am enjoying the drama and will continue watching. I am not watching because of sjk, but because its different and welk done in every aspect.

    1. So sad there will only be 1 more episode left.. Me and my husband love to watch Arthdal Chronicles.. the twist in the story is so amazing.. the casts as well are very splendid in their talent.. we want more season..

  21. The problem with most Korean watchers (Not All).. just because you don’t like what’s happening in the actor/actress private life they think the movie or series is not good… Grow up and have some sense put back in your brain… just because the lead actor is divorcing his wife it will not affect the movie.. Koreans actor/actress should be very thankful to their international fans.. because we based our opinion in the movies/series itself not the person personal life..

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