Popular First Generation Idol Ranked His Fans Based On Their Looks In “Beauty-like Pageant ” Contests


Former Sechskies member and first generation idol Kang Sunghoon is embroiled in controversy yet again.

He had been previously heavily criticized by both domestic and international Kpop fans because of his inconsiderate and impolite remarks towards younger idols in general.

He called young idols ugly and have dirty skin.’ He is now under heavy criticism again because of his past actions.

On May 12, a netizen (a former fan) exposed a controversial beauty contest he held inside his solo fan club online community (then called ILYSH which later became HOONEY WORLD). According to the report, he held a beauty contest and he picked his ideal type among his fans at a summer camp.

In each round, he would name the characteristics of his ideal type (such as 165 cm, under 50 kg, long hair, etc.) and any fan who didn’t fit the criteria would be eliminated.

Eventually, one fan was crowned Ms. Illysh.

According to the report, the winner fan gets to take photos with him and exchange handshakes while others watched them.

After the post by the netizen went viral it was covered by Korean and international news outlets who heavily criticized the idol for objectifying his own fans and for the creepy way he ranked them.

Many called his actions ‘gross,’ ‘uncalled for,’ and ‘creepy.’

What do you think of this?

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