First Generation Idol Says All New Idols Are Ugly And Have Dirty Skin

Former Sechskies member Kang Sunghoon is under heavy criticism from basically everybody for his snarky remarks towards idols in general.

A video that has since then gone viral shows the former idol; who recently left YG Entertainment and his group; sitting down and casually talking to fans.

He begins by talking about how he wished he grew taller and how much he would have gained even more confidence if he had grown taller.

This is not the issue particularly but he then proceeds to say some pretty nasty things about all idols in general, he suddenly switches gears while talking about his height and says,

“Hey, you know what? Idols look really ugly. When I see them at the saloon they look so freaking ugly. Their skin is so dirty. They’re so freaking ugly, really. Why are they so ugly.”

When one fan asked him who, he brushes it off and said that he couldn’t point out one specific person but says that there haven’t been any handsome idols since TVXQ.

One fan then asked him about BTOB whom he has met recently, he answered,

“How can say its them right now? But they are all really ugly.

If I were making my own group I would look at their faces and then pick the members. Shouldn’t celebrities be good looking at least? With good skin? With some aura? I am not active these days, so I lost a lot of that aura…”

His tone and his offensive comments were met with humor and criticism by netizens who pointed out his problematic past and behavior. Many others told him to take a good look in the mirror.

International fans reactions, on the other hand, range from ‘who’s that?’ to ‘he’s canceled.’ There are also fans of Sechskies who admitted they were embarrassed by his remarks.

What do you think of what he said?

Here is the video of this conversation:

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2 thoughts on “First Generation Idol Says All New Idols Are Ugly And Have Dirty Skin”

  1. He really can’t be talking. It takes more than looking good to be an idol but I guess he’s too slow to know that. If you’re going to open your mouth and be negative, you should really shut it worry about yourself. The world shouldn’t even have to respond to people like him.


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