Kang Ha Neul Confirmed For First Drama After His Military Discharge 


Actor Kang Ha Neul had decided on his first project post-military discharge! 

The actor will be discharged from the military on May 23rd and news outlets reported that he has already decided what his comeback project will be. 

He will return with KBS upcoming drama “When the Camellia Blooms,” actress Gong Hyo Jin has also been offered the female lead role. 

The drama is a romantic thriller-comedy about realistic love of three couples. It follows the story of a woman named Dong Baek and her complicated love life with three different men. A good man, a cheap man, and a bad man. 

Kang Ha Neul will play the role of a neighborhood policeman who falls in love with Dong Baek.  

A source from Kang Ha Neul’s agency confirmed he will stand in front of the press upon his military discharge. 

What do you think of the happy news? Are you excited about Kang Ha Neul’s return? 

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