Super Junior Siwon has apologized once again for the controversy regarding his family dog that resulted in the death of a female CEO.

On April 1st, Siwon attended his new drama “My Fellow Citizens” press conference. During the conference, he bowed in apology once again for the controversy.

Back in 2017, Siwon family dog (a French bulldog) bit a female CEO, six days later, she passed away from sepsis. Back then, he received immense backlash for the incident, he was forced to cancel many activities as a result as well.

He released an apology, the deceased sister had stated Siwon visited the family many times to apologize, they had forgiven him. However, many netizens were still not pleased with his apology.

“My Fellow Citizens” marks his first drama in two years. He said,

“I realized I needed to be cautious when it comes to past incidents and anything related to me. I sincerely apologize for causing concern to many people.”

He bowed in apology.

“My Fellow Citizens” aired its first episode on April 1st.

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My Personal Thoughts

I understand the backlash with this one, a woman died.

Its not his dog but his family’s. The issue is, in South Korea, you bear the responsibility for anything concerning your family whether you had something to do with it or not and I think that’s sad.

Netizens (in my humble experience) are unforgiving. I have seen comments on several Korean news outlets and he’s still heavily criticized despite the fact that the family of the deceased forgave him.

I personally feel kinda conflicted. The dog was their responsibility; a soul was lost due to a bite that escalated to sepsis and ultimately resulted in the death of a woman.

Still, I’ll take the family word for it. He doesn’t owe us an apology he owed them an apology and if they accepted his, we shouldn’t be so harsh on him.