Starbucks To Investigate Fake BLACKPINK ‘Promotion’ Promising Free Drinks

Coffeehouse chain Starbucks is not pleased with online trolls!

On April 6 and prior, a weird photoshopped post popped up online that’s made by an online troll/s, the post claims that Starbucks will be handing out free drinks to fans who post a screenshot of themselves listening to BLACKPINK new hit track “Kill This Love.”

Soon, BLINKs were made aware of the ‘offer’ and started posting a screenshot of the offer along with a screenshot of them listening and streaming the song, they hashtag the post #KillThisLoveStarbucks.

The official twitter account of Starbucks saw the hashtag and the posts and replied to a fan saying,

“Hello, I’m sorry for any confusion, but this is not a valid Starbuck offer. The post is completely false. We’re investigating to see who created it. Thank you.”

So it seems that whoever the person who started it will likely get into serious trouble for promising fake free drinks in the name of such a huge brand that’s bound to investigate whoever started something so obviously fake.

Other BLINKs have been reacting with funny tweets, some even jokingly trended a hashtag that says the person responsible is going to jail and such.

What do you think of this?


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