Park Yoochun’s Name Removed From His Former Agency Website, Plus His Lawyer Continues To Deny Drug Test Results


Park Yoochun’s name and affiliation to his former agency C-JeS Entertainment have been removed.

On April 24, his agency revealed his contract has been terminated after it was reported that he tested positive for Philopon.

If you search C-JeS Entertainment official website you will learn that his name is no longer present on their official artists’ board and if you search his profile on Naver you’ll also find that all traces of his former agency has been removed.

On the other hand, on April 25, his lawyer released an official response denying the drug test results. The lawyer says his client stance remains the same,  Park Yoochun continues to claim he has not taken any drugs.

In the lawyer official statement to the press, he says that they’ll be investigation how Philopon entered his body and how it was detected by the National Forensic Service.

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