Park Yoochun Could Be Sentenced Up To 7 Years In Prison, Here Is Why

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Park Yoochun is facing years in prison if found guilty of the charges that will be brought up against him.

On April 25, Park Yoochun responded to reports that stated he tested positive for drugs, his lawyer says the NISI (National Institute of Scientific Investigation) are undeniable facts but his client stance remains the same, Park Yoochun is still denying that he used drugs.

It has also been reported that the police requested a pretrial detention warrant for Park Yoochun, the questioning to determine its validity will be held on April 26.

MBC Section TV spoke to a lawyer who gave an estimate of how much time he could end up facing in prison and its a lot.

The lawyer says:

“If you take drugs many times, you will be sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison. Within that range, the specific sentence is expected to be set.”

Fans have mixed reactions to the possible sentence the idol-actor could end up facing.

What do you personally think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

Too much if you ask me, too much!

There are currently idols out there who are still free roaming the street under more serious suspicions than Park Yoochun, they could even be getting less time than Park Yoochun himself.

I am not defending Park Yoochun, but I am speaking from a logical perspective. Sending people who suffer drug addiction to prison for such a long time doesn’t make sense to me.

Park Yoochun is suspected to have broken the law and once the court decides he should be punished for it, but 7 years is wayyyyyy too long for simply taking drugs not even selling them or distributing them but taking them.

Meanwhile, you have disgusting idols who did worse things or things that actually affected other human beings not just them just… I don’t know…. it’s just too much! and this isn’t a post in his defense, you should be held responsible for your actions, I firmly believe that. I didn’t defend T.O.P when he was found guilty and I am not going to defend Yoochun if he’s found guilty but still the laws are too strict.

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