Ji Chang Wook Already Considering His First Drama Role Following Military Discharge?


It’s been reported that actor Ji Chang Wook is in the process of choosing his first project following his military discharge.

The actor who’s supposed to be discharged on April 27 has been receiving a lot of offers. It is rumored he’s considering joining the cast of the upcoming drama “City of Stars.”

In response to the rumors, a source from his agency told news outlets that he’s received the offer and is considering it, however, its not confirmed yet.

“City of Stars” will be directed by Jang Jin, it’s a story about a space drama where two guys who have always dreamt of reaching the skies end up being selected to be part of an astronaut training project.

The drama will be completely pre-produced and is scheduled to air in the second half of 2019.

Who’s excited about Ji Chang Wook possible return?

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