EXO Xiumin Confirms Military Enlistment Date In Heartfelt Letter To Fans

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EXO Xiumin will be leaving soon, very soon!

On April 9, EXO Xiumin personally revealed the news to fans through a letter announcing the exact date of his enlistment.

He wrote,

“Hello EXO-Ls~ This is Xiumin!

Nowadays, the flowers are pretty, have you seen them yet?

I can see flowers, and the weather has gotten warm, and yesterday was EXO’s 7th debut anniversary!!

I feel like EXO was born at a very good time and I appreciate everyone and everything.

Congratulations again to our members.

To be honest, today I have an important thing to share with you all first. Military duty! I am enlisting to the military on May 7!

“I’ll be doing well.” I will arrange a time for us in the near future so I can tell you these words directly. We have a CBX concert soon, and we will return after completing it successfully, so please wait a bit~^^

So again, today lets all work hard!”

Later, his agency, SM Entertainment, also confirmed the news with an announcement; he will be enlisting on May 7 as an active duty soldier.

The agency also revealed he plans on enlisting quietly so the location and time will not be revealed.

Xiumin is the oldest EXO member, he is born in 1990 and all male actors and idols must enlist this year before it ends according to Korean military laws.

Xiumin is currently preparing for EXO-CBX upcoming Japanese concert “MAGICAL CIRCUS -Special Edition-” that will be held in in Saitama on April 16 and 17 and in Kobe from April 27-29.

After the announcement, fans trended his real name Minseok on twitter. Fans are thankful that he let them know of his military enlistment with a special letter ahead of the official announcement by his agency.

Wishing you a safe return!

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