BLACKPINK Under Fire For Photocards With Alleged Domestic Abuse Theme

BLACKPINK and YG entertainment are in hot waters after new photocards arrive! 

BLACKPINK physical album “Kill This Love” has been released, however, fans noticed something in the photocards and were pretty upset about it. 

The photocards show BLACKPINK members covered in bruises, black eye, and cuts which didn’t sit well with fans and the general public, some thought the photos were distasteful and done in a manner that deceives domestic abuse as aesthetic while others beg to differ. 

[WARNING: photos below may be triggering]

Fans shared photos of the photocards online and it sparked a debate. 

Some fans think the photos align well with the message of “Kill This Love” while others think it was unnecessary and in bad taste.  

Here are some of fans reactions to the photocards (those defending and those criticizing): 

What do you think of this? 


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