SHINee’s Minho, Highlight’s Dongwoon And INFINITE’s Sungyeol Announce Their Military Enlistment Dates

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March 21st was a difficult day for many Kpop fans, three well-known idols announced their military enlistment dates.

Starting with SHINee’s Minho who had previously revealed he would be applying for the Marine Corps through his agency. He was accepted in the Marine Corps and will be enlisting on April 15 at its training center in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province.

His last activities ahead of his military enlistment will be his first solo release since his debut “I am Home” via SM Station. He will also be holding an encore to his fan meeting tour on March 30.

Highlight’s Dongwoon is the 4th Highlight member to announce his military enlistment plans.

He will be enlisting on May 9, his agency Around Us Entertainment confirmed in an official statement to the press. He will be enlisting quietly.

Gikwang will be enlisting on April 18, Yoseob and Yoon Doo Joon are currently serving the military. Dongwoon will be the last member of his group to enlist in the military.

INFINITE’s Sungyeol has also announced his enlistment plans on March 21st and its the nearest out of the three, he will enlist as an active duty soldier on March 26.

He will be enlisting quietly as well. He’s the second member of his group to enlist after the group’s leader Sunggyu.

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