D.O. Leaving SM Entertainment? SM Issues A Response To The Rumors


On March 13, Korean news outlet The Asia Business Daily reported something that sent EXO-Ls into panic mode.

They reported that EXO’s D.O. will be leaving SM Entertainment after discussing his contract renewal with the agency. According to the report, an industry representative had told them that all of EXO members have decided to renew with the agency with the exception of D.O.

After the report went online, EXO-Ls freaked out at the possibility of another EXO member leaving the agency and possibly the group. What made fans especially worried was the fact that EXO are approaching their 7th year anniversary and we all know what that means.

Exo-K and Exo-M debuted with the single “Mama” on April 8, 2012. In less than a month EXO will be celebrating their 7th year anniversary. There is a term among Kpop fans called ‘7-year-curse’.

Most idols sign contracts for 7 years with their agencies, when the second renewal negotiations come some idols choose to pursue a different path and some end up leaving the group, sometimes, the agency decides with the group members to disband the group if every member has a different path in mind.

Luckily for EXO-Ls, SM Entertainment issued a response to the report; in their statement, they clarify the report is completely false, they also promised fans to release a statement soon.

EXO’s D.O. is one of the most successful individual EXO members. He has debuted as an actor back in 2014 and went on to lead an extremely successful acting career.

He has earned the respect of seniors in the industry for his amazing acting skills and is considered one of the best currently promoting idol-actors.

Fans are glad that SM clarified their stance!

What do you think of this?

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My Thoughts

I like EXO, I am not an EXO-L but I am a fan of some of their music. I am also a huge fan of the members especially D.O. I think he’s one of the best idol actors and if he weren’t a part of EXO, I wouldn’t have guessed he was even an idol.

EXO is extremely successful and they’re not done yet or passed their prime, I believe they have a couple of more years left in them which is why I also believe SM will try their best to keep the members for a couple of more years.

EXO went through so much trouble with 3 members departure which was all linked back to unfair treatment, bias and more as stated by Kris, Luhan and Tao’s lawyers.

However, it could be that their treatment of EXO has improved a lot since then, people do learn from their mistakes especially if millions of dollars depend on them.

If their agency has been treating them well, then I think all of EXO will be renewing their contracts, the name SM itself is HUGE and is a boost for every idol, you get good rep just for being involved with the name SM.

EXO are stronger as a group and make a ridiculous sum of money with each comeback, why would anyone logically want to stop making so much money if it weren’t for a specific valid concern/reason?

This is why I have hope that EXO will stay as part of SM.

What I am now worried about is Lay, I wonder if he’ll renew with the agency and remain a part of EXO or not. I honestly forgot 2019 was EXO 7-year-anniversary, now I am getting anxious.

Since they debuted in April, this means that we’ll probably get news about their contract renewals soon, very, very soon. I hope for the best and I will continue to cheer EXO members on regardless of their choices, after all, they’re grown men who know what’s best for them.

I hope EXO-Ls realize that EXO members will make a decision that benefits them most in the future, and I wish the fandom continues to support each member regardless of the outcome.


  1. Why cant SM entertainment just make them stars till there 35 i will really miss them , i really hope you’ll come back D.O. since my other three favourite members left the group


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