Popular variety show “2 Days & 1 Night” will be suspended indefinitely and the reason is their association to singer Jung Joon Young.

Since the controversy surrounding the singer was recently exposed, he was edited out of all the programs he had been a part of including the famous KBS show “2 Days & 1 Night.”

Following the controversy, the show announced they had terminated him and will edit his scenes as much as possible. Despite the show’s attempt to distance themselves from the matter and cut off the cord to Jung Joon Young they couldn’t escape netizens criticism.

The reason is that this is the second time this had happened. Back in 2016, Jung Joon Young was involved in controversy with his girlfriend who accused him of filming her during intercourse without her consent. Back then, he was a part of the show, he took hiatus and came back in 2017 after he was proven innocent.

Because of this, many viewers asked for the show to be halted since they brought him back for the second time after the first controversy back in 2016.

On March 15, the show released an official statement. In their statement they announced that Jung Joon Young is not only banned from ever returning to “2 Days & 1 Night” but he’s now banned from all KBS programs.

The show adds that it will be halting all broadcasts and productions for now. Another program will be scheduled to take over “2 Days & 1 Night” time slot.

The production behind the show shares responsibility for accepting him back in despite his controversy three years ago. They added,

“Considering the audience who waits for ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ every Sunday night, KBS reviewed the method of broadcasting after editing out the part where the singer Jung Joon Young appeared in the previous 2 film episodes. However, we decided the severity of this matter, the decision was made in order to reorganize the program overall.”

KBS deeply apologize for the inability to thoroughly manage the performers more thoroughly; we will prepare measures to prevent a recurrence.”

They also added that more ‘fundamental measures’ including screening of the cast members will be done to avoid any similar incidents in the future.

“2 Days & 1 Night” has a good fanbase internationally; international fans are upset to hear about the suspension of the show. Fans expressed even more hatred for Jung Joon Young for damaging the reputation of such a great show.

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My Personal Thoughts

I think this is a good decision actually, especially since they basically brought him back for the second time. This is a huge blow to their credibility as a show, regardless whether they knew his real persona or not.

I am honestly beginning to believe that Jung Joon Young lived a double life, one for the viewers and the famous people and one as a *** with his awful friends. This explains why “2 Days & 1 Night” production team would take him back in. If he had shown signs of attitude or suspicion I highly doubt KBS would have wanted anything to do with him. Of course, I could be wrong, its merely my own speculation.

At first, when this controversy broke out a lot of his fans were extremely shocked but it began to sink in after he personally admitted to his crimes. He is one good actor, I’ll give him that.

I don’t blame the show for trusting the prosecution, with all honesty if you don’t trust prosecutors or police whom do you trust? Questioning prosecution or the police isn’t the ideal thing to do especially if you don’t have concrete evidence to back up your suspicion because you attract negative unwanted attention doing that. Why would “2 Days & 1 Night” take that route?

This is a difficult time for the Kpop industry and carrying on with a show that had his face isn’t the best thing to do, especially if they want to save the show in the future and continue doing what they love.

I seriously hope the show comes back when things cooled down a bit, these people and celebrities who worked hard don’t deserve to lose their jobs because of him.