MAMAMOO Hwasa Cried In The Shower After Her Legendary MAMA Performance For This Reason


MAMAMOO Hwasa appeared on “Radio Star” recent episode as one of the guests.

One of the subjects the MCs asked her about was her legendary 2018 MAMA performance that was the talk of town after the award show aired.

Back then, a lot of netizens discussed the red outfit she was wearing, some saying it wasn’t appropriate while others praised her for wearing the outfit and slaying the stage.

Since the red one-piece outfit became such a big deal, back then, MAMAMOO had to issue a response addressing it.

This is the first time Hwasa personally opened up about the outfit and how she went about planning for the solo performance.

She revealed that she told her stylist she wanted this outfit, her stylist tried to talk her out of it but Hwasa said she persuaded her, she said,

“Normally, I am not aware of what’s too much or not. I just think of it as part of my stage, my performance. But people around me tell me when its too much. They advise me so I can control it.”

When asked if she thought it was too much, she said,

“I think it’s the part where my butt is showing, but I’d rather wear nothing than wear something ambiguous and I think it doesn’t matter what I wear on stage, I think about how I can harmonize my performance.”

She also revealed that she cried after her performance, she said,

“It was my first time to show a performance that I prepared all myself. I was really serious about it, I lost myself while performing.

After the performance I went back to the waiting room and there was a shower room there, suddenly, I just teared up, I felt like I was alive. I was really happy.”

Hwasa is currently preparing for her solo debut.

What did you think of her performance?

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