Kang Daniel Apologizes To Fan Telling Him This Rude Comment + Comments On His Long Legs


Kang Daniel has a positive sweet way of handling negative dumb comments.

On February 1, Kang Daniel greeted fans for the first time in a live broadcast after opening his own V Live channel. The broadcast lasted for about an hour.

During the broadcast, he talked to fans, ate and read their comments. During a portion of the broadcast, a fan wrote this comment,

“Please stop doing mukbang, I don’t want to hear the sound of you eating.”

Kang Daniel read the comment out loud and had this to say,

“What can I do? I am also human. I need to eat to live.”

He then added with a cute smile, “I am sorry.”

Fans applauded Kang Daniel for handling the negative comment maturely.

During the broadcast, he also talked about his legs and his insecurity because of it.

He said,

“My legs are longer than average. It might look like it because the upper body is relatively shorter. Honestly sometimes I think that I look gross when I dance because of the lengths of my legs.

There’s been many times I thought I looked gross. Its kinda stressful when I go shopping for pants. I always have to get it altered.”

He also talked about difficulties finding pants that fit, he said he always has to get it altered, he added,

“I am not trying to boast about it, its just one of my stress factors.”

You can check out the full V Live broadcast where he talked about these things here.

What do you think of what he said?

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