American Radio Hosts Call NCT 127 And EXO Lay “Some Random Group Of Asian Guys Dancing” Infuriating Fans

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American radio show “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show” discussed and played Jason Derulo new song “Let’s Shut Up & Dance” which features EXO Lay and NCT 127. The American radio show is a part of 106.1 KISS FM shows.

It was a huge milestone for both Lay and NCT 127 to participate in a project that paid tribute to the great legend Michael Jackson. Fans were happy to see their boys getting recognized for their talent.

However, after they played a portion of the song, they said a sentence that infuriated EXO and NCT fans.

The issue started when the hosts mistook Lay and NCT 127 for BTS, the hosts thought Lay and NCT 127 were BTS and kept calling them that until they realized they weren’t, when they realized that, one host said,

“So it was just some random group of Asian guys dancing? We just got excited for nothing.”

What infuriated fans more was that even after they realized this wasn’t BTS, one of the hosts said NC 127.

Hear the segment below:

After one twitter account shared the audio clip, the hashtag #KISSFM_APOLOGIZE trended among NCT and EXO fans, they weren’t happy about the way the boys were treated by the hosts of the radio show.

Many mentioning that they lacked professionalism and knowledge.

The radio station and hosts are yet to issue a statement.

Here are some of fans tweets:

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