A certain situation during the 28th Seoul Music Awards had caught fans’ attention, but it was a negative one!

On January 15, the 28th Seoul Music Awards were held at Gocheok Sky Dome. The award ceremony honored the best music releases of 2018; many groups attended the event and performed as well.

During BTS’s performance, multiple fancams were fixed on idols to capture their reactions; some of the reactions captured generated a lot of buzz.

During the beginning of BTS’s performance for “Fake Love” pyrotechnics went off but there was one issue, the idols were seated too close to where the pyrotechnics went off.

Many idols of many groups were started and some ran away from their seats in fear of the fire and the loud noises of the explosion. The pyrotechnics were set off multiple times during the beginning of the performance.

The fancams showed just how scared members of TWICE, Wanna One and more were because of how close they were to the pyrotechnics. Fans began criticizing SMA’s choice for the idols’ seating which could have ended in disaster.

Luckily, no idol was injured. Fans expressed their anger and voiced their concerns to the SMA.

Its apparent that the event organizers probably didn’t calculate just how close the pyrotechnics would be to the idols seating.

Check out the fancams:


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