Super Junior Leeteuk along with the rest of his group was joined by Red Velvet Irene for a performance of their hit track “Lo Siento.”

While the majority of both fandoms were happily enjoying the performance sharing various clips from it, some minority started spreading something very distressing that prompted ELF (Super Junior fandom) to trend the hashtag #Apologizetoleeteuk.

During the performance, Irene takes on Leslie’s part playing the femme fatale. A part of the choreography requires Leeteuk to touch her waist and get super close to Irene’s body that is how the choreography goes.

However, it seems that slight adjustments were made because fans noticed that Leeteuk’s body was a foot away from Irene during the part, he did touch the waist as part of the choreography but it wasn’t as intimate as it had been with other dance partners Leeteuk had.

What’s making some fans angry is that Irene slightly lifted Leeteuk’s hand when he placed it on her waist; this slight 1-second move triggered some fans and trolls to claim that Irene was being harassed by Leeteuk.

What soon followed was a dispute between both fandoms, some of Red Velvet fans lashed at Leeteuk asking him to leave her alone, some others (not sure if its okay to call them fans) started calling Leeteuk some very harsh names defaming his character.

Here are some of their tweets:

In response to some fans tweets, ELF fired back explaining its part of the choreography, they even pointed out how Leeteuk was even more distant from Irene opposed to other female artists he danced with.

They also shared clips and photos of comparison between Irene-Leeteuk dance and Leeuteuk with other females.

Many also brought up their close friendship sharing clips of their interactions proving just how much Irene is comfortable with Leeteuk in real life.

ELF also started trending a hashtag asking Red Velvet fans to apologize to Leeteuk.

check out the full fan-cam performance below:

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