Namgoong Min is trying out a new genere!

On January 11, his agency confirmed he had joined the upcoming KBS2 drama called “Doctor Prisoner,” he is set to play the leading role of a genius doctor Nah Yi Jae at a big hospital.

The drama will be a medical suspense drama about a genius hardworking caring doctor who falls from the stars. He gets involved in an unfortunate medical incident that wasn’t even caused by him; it forces him to leave his job. He ends up working as the chief of a prison medical clinic.

Meanwhile, idol-actress Nara has been offered the leading role and she’s considering the offer positivity.

The drama is set to air in March 2019.

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My Thoughts

I am just happy he won’t be playing a typical arrogant doctor I was about to flip reading the plot outline and I am happy the description of his character is positive, I am sick and tired of medical dramas with leading doctors who are ‘jerks.’

Nana is considering the drama, I would be happy if she accepts and plays the leading role; she deserves it and is such a good actress. I think they would make a good pair.

Many medical dramas are about suspense and revenge, this isn’t any different. But for now, we trust in Namgoong Min’s choice, he usually takes on interesting projects.


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