HyunA and E‘Dawn (Hyojong) Sign With PSY’s New Label P-Nation

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It has finally happened!

There has been speculations lurking around but no one really expected it to happen so fast. PSY had followed Hyojong’s account on instagram and people thought he was thinking of scouting the rookie idol.

On January 27, PSY’s new label P-Nation uploaded a photo of two hands after they stamped to finalize a contract. People thought it had to be HyunA and Hyojong because of the tattoos and styling, not too long after that PSY’s label uploaded a photo of PSY with the two new artists.

It has been long since PSY officially announced the establishment of his new label P-Nation, his first signed artist was rapper Jessi. Ever since the establishment of the label, fans have been suggesting he signs the couple.

Its been also reported that PSY will be actively recruiting upcoming trainees to form an idol group.

The news of the couple signing to the same agency came as a shock to fans because earlier reports claimed the two started looking for labels separately.

HyunA and Hyojong left their agency Cube Entertainment in late 2018 after they had announced they were dating to the press back in August.

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