EXID Contracts Expiring In February, Agency Releases Official Response


EXID contracts were reported to be expiring in February; their agency Banana Culture Entertainment released an official to clarify those reports on January 17.

According to Sports Chosun, the agency returned with an official statement to respond to those reports.

Here is their official translated statement:

“Hello. This is Banana Culture Entertainment.

We’d like to deliver our official position regarding EXID contract expirations which are coming up by the end of February.

Currently, EXID contracts are set to last until May 2019, they have a Japanese tour scheduled throughout February and we also have plans for the group to release a full album shortly after that tour.”

They added,

“By the end of February we will begin discussing each member’s contract expiration in details.”

EXID debuted back in 2012 but only gained recognition with their hit 2014 track “Up and Down” that shot through the charts and became the group’s biggest hit. Throughout the years, the group released many amazing tracks cementing their status as one of the most unique Kpop girl groups.

According to the initial reports, insiders allege that the members have already got into contact with other agencies and plan on pursuing different paths.

Stay tuned for updates!

Do you think they’ll renew?

My Thoughts

I like the group, I am not a fan but I do like them and I feel like they’re highly under-appreciated.

The label; in my opinion; isn’t doing a great job promoting their releases. They had some songs that were (in my opinion) way better than “Up and Down” but they never got the chance to shine as brightly.

They produce way better quality music than many popular Kpop groups and their vocals are no joke.

I covered a story a couple of months ago about the girls and they said they weren’t happy with the way their label was managing them. I sensed they weren’t very sure about their group back then.

They do seem close to me and Soljin just got back so it will be sad if they disbanded. I personally would love to see them remain as a group but would understand if they decided to remain close friends but choose different paths.

The insider report doesn’t help and the agency statement doesn’t really give hope because its very neutral….


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