BLACKPINK Jisoo Indirectly Assures Fans Jennie Is Doing Fine Following Breakup News


BLINKs are expressing their gratitude for BLACKPINK Jisoo sweet gesture!

Today, the Kpop community found out that EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie ended their relationship; an initial report by SBS FunE exclusively broke the news and a simple one sentence confirmation soon followed by SM Entertainment.

They had only confirmed they were publicly dating 25 days ago.

Jennie had to face the press just as the breakup news was announced, she was photographed with the rest of her group-mates leaving Incheon Airport for Hong Kong, the girls have a concert to perform at on January 26.

BLINKs were worried about Jennie following her breakup; thankfully, we have Jisoo here to assure us she’s doing just fine.

Jisoo uploaded two sweet short videos to her Instagram story, in one of the stories she tells fans ‘see u soon blinks’ and in the other short video she zooms in at Jennie’s face, Jennie is smiling back at her.

Fans believe Jisoo was trying to tell them ‘Jennie is doing just fine, we’re taking good care of her, don’t worry.’ BLINKs appreciated the sweet short video update.


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