BamBam Defends Himself After Being Accused Of Saying The N Word

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We’re only in the 2nd day of 2019 and we already have some unpleasant things to go through!!

Rumors have been going around claiming that BamBam of GOT7 was being racist and used the N Word. This happened during a V Live session on January 1st, the members greeted fans and wished them a happy new year.

During the V Live session, BamBam started making fun of JB and said he was getting older, the word he said was similar in pronunciation to the N word, neulgeoss means getting older or old which is written like this in Korean: 늙어쓰.

At the time of the V Live session, there weren’t subtitles and BamBam’s pronunciation was a bit off from standard Korean, thus some people began spreading the rumor that he said the N Word.

BamBam stepped up to defend himself through two tweets, he wrote,

In response, iGOT7 fans explained the meaning and trended the hashtag #WeLoveYouBamBam on twitter. 

What do you think of this?

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  1. I gotta say, as an American kpop fan, even I knee he didnt say the N word. Its like, if you care enough about them to watch the vlive in the first place, shouldn’t you already know that the N word isnt what he’s saying? Plus as an igot7, you should also know BB faced an N word scandal when it did slip once which he apologized for so we REAL fans know he wouldnt do that again. I think some people just have to start really taking the time to understand things before making dumb assumptions. And also, lets take into account too that if they were real Ahgase, they would also know BB is from Thailand and his pronunciation varies slightly from those that speak Korean as their first language. Gaaahhhh give BB a break.

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