Recently, there have rumors going around claiming that Jungkook’s older brother gave a fellow soldier the ability to talk to IU on the phone using his younger brother as a connection.

Jungkook older brother Jeon Hasa has served the military recently, so it seems. Since the rumors started, he thought he should have addressed it directly.

He wrote to his Instagram account,

“I didn’t think it would be right to just pass this by so I am writing down a few words late at night.

Rumors spread claiming that during my military service, a fellow solider got the chance to talk to IU on the phone through me, but that never happened.

I am the type of person who doesn’t talk much in personal settings.

I saw the screenshots of people who wrote this and it still baffles me. But there was no way I wouldn’t have known who this was if they were one of my close friends in the army. I still contact my close hoobaes and sunbaes from the military.

After talking to my friends, I found out that the soldier was from a different base. We weren’t even that close.

I still have no idea why they would write such a post…”’s-Jungkook-And-IU.jpg

Netizens are also baffled by the claim that soldier made which doesn’t even have a ground.

It is well known that Jungkook is a huge fan of IU and that he described her as his ideal type at one time.

The tweet in question:’s-Jungkook-And-IU.jpg

How do you feel about this?



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