YG Entertainment CEO Reveals He Regrets Turning Down These Worldwide Successful Celebrities

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Even YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk has regrets about missing on some celebrities who had previously auditioned for his agency.

On YG Entertainment’s new reality show YG Treasure Box, Yang Hyun Suk talked about his regrets of missing out on what he called famous stars, he didn’t accept those celebrities who auditioned to his agency.

He had turned down Rain when he auditioned, Rain ended up going to JYP Entertainment, he debuted as a solo artist and became one of the most well-known Kpop solo artists in South Korea.

He had also turned down Park Bo Gum (they also showed his audition tape) which Yang Hyun Suk ended up turning down. Park Bo Gum is now one of the biggest actors in South Korea and one of the famous faces promoting Hallyu wave.

He had also turned down Chung Ha who debuted as part of Produce 101 group I.O.I before debuting as a soloist and crushing the game with good performances on Korean and international charts.

He also turned down Red Velvet’s Wendy, Crush and Honey Lee who are all leading extremely successful careers in showbiz right now.

Yang Hyun Suk made a closing remark saying he will pay extra attention not to miss out like he did in the past.

Watch the full video below:

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  1. This man dosen’t just dosen’t regret taking them in he also regrets not using them for money and wasting their talent before they go somewhere else and becoming big and succesful

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