Former Winner member Nam Tae Hyun has talked about being unhappy while being under his former agency YG Entertainment in a recent interview with Chosun Ilbo.

He departed his group back in November 2016, the news shocked fans extremely because it came out of nowhere, he explained why he decided to leave and how things changed drastically for him ever since, he was asked about why he decided to leave, he said,

“I didn’t leave on bad terms with them, I just wanted to be myself and live my own way.”

He explained how stressful the idol really is in real life, he talked about how he couldn’t rest even when he was resting, he said,

“I was stressed about the security, even when I was resting a security guard or a manager would follow me around, even when I was in the parking lot or going to the convenience store.”

He also talked about how stressful the writing process was for him and why he couldn’t enjoy it, he said,

“It was about survival, like a survival game. I worried about coming up with catchy lyrics that would be addictive and fit the group’s image. I wasn’t happy at all.”

He also talked about how different it has been for him since leaving the agency, he revealed that he had to figure out what he’d be doing each day since he was so used to receiving schedule messages each night, he added,

“All we needed to do was to go where the schedule told us to go.”

He talked about the difficulties he have with South Club, he said it wasn’t easy finding a place for the group to perform and he had even thought about taking part-time job at a music bar, he added,

“I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I’d rather spend my time focusing on composing instead.”

South Club is now preparing for their second album set to be released on October 24. They will also be holding a solo concert on October 27.

What do you think of what he said?

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