“When Time Stopped” has finally aired its first episode on Wednesday, October 24, international fans have been anticipating Kim Hyun Joong’s return after his long legal battle with his ex-girlfriend that ended earlier this year.

“When Time Stopped” aired on the new channel KBS W but it didn’t do well at all. The first episode recorded 0.1% in viewership ratings according to Nielsen Korea.

This is especially disappointing for Kim Hyun Joong whose dramas usually do extremely well. While international fans might have his back that doesn’t help in viewership ratings.

This marks Kim Hyun Joong’s return to the small screen after 4 years hiatus.

Netizens are not reacting nicely to the drama, many brought up his past and some asked him to stop acting and trying to appear in dramas, some said,

‘This can’t be undone.’

‘Don’t want to see his face again on TV.”

“His acting sucks,” and more.

International fans are split. Some are happy he’s back while others commented on his acting and called it poor and not the same quality it used to be.

“When Time Stopped” is going to be 12-episodes-long. There is still room for improvement.

Have you watched the premiere yet? what did you think of it?

Source: Nielsen Korea

My Reaction

Life is cruel, that’s for sure!

The man did wrong and so did the woman but we all know that he is the one who’ll be eventually hurt by this more than her. (but not more than their son)

He was discharged back in 2017 and in 2018 he came back with a drama.

In my opinion, as some might have said, he chose the wrong timing besides choosing the wrong script and opportunity.

I am starting to slowly believe that he seriously can’t think that well. If I were him I would NEVER return with a drama that I LEAD! Why? because people hate me right now, that’s why!

He should have taken the back seat and starred in a drama with a good cast as a supporting character. He should ease in his comeback to the public and not cause a ruckus or attract too much attention to himself.

If he wants to salvage his reputation or what’s left of it there should be a better approach. I know its not his level to do supporting roles anymore but he should have done so because at this rate it might become that he won’t ever be cast again.

I would have come back with a movie not even a drama if I were him. That is the better choice here. In a drama, they have to see your face often but in a movie, you make a point and exit.

He should have thought better, judging from the numbers it looks like he’ll suffer even more.

I don’t care on which part of the spectrum you are and whether you hate or like him but you can’t say he doesn’t deserve to make a living. He paid the price to what he did wrong by the court of law that looked at the evidence and determined how he should be punished.

Also, this is bad because if this drama does really bad there is a chance that directors won’t want to cast him again. You might say you will support him but international fans can do little here. If this drama does really bad, he won’t be able to find another job easily. Ratings do matter!

Fighting is all I can say.