On October 17, malicious rumors spread across the web, and those rumors claim that married actor Jo Jung Suk is dating UNI.T’s Yang Jiwon.

Jo Jung Suk married recently to singer Gummy, while Yang Jiwon announced a couple of months ago that she is dating a non-celebrity boyfriend.

The malicious rumor will not go unnoticed and Jo Jung Suk will be taking strong legal actions to battle whoever spread those hurtful rumors.

Jo Jung Suk label released an official statement on October 18, in their statement they warned those who spread the rumors and said they will be taking strong legal actions against them.

The agency said that Jo Jung Suk has been tolerating the groundless rumors and didn’t take strong legal actions, adding,

“However, it has now reached a point where we can’t just leave these rumors to spread. The rumors not only target him but his family members.”

They also added that from now on they will be taking strong legal actions to any internet posts that spread such false ridiculous rumors target to attack the actor and his family.

UNI.T’s Yang Jiwon then personally replied to the rumors, saying she was ‘seriously shocked.’ She also clarified that she has done a drama with him about 5 years ago but never personally contacted him.

She added that she is dating and that he is a married man, she also wished for the people who spread those rumors to ‘get proper punishment.’

What do you think of these groundless rumors?

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