Sunny And Chung Ha Talk Mental Breakdowns, Loneliness And Physical Pain Idols Have To Endure

Being an idol isn’t really a picnic or something easy to do, some people even give up before they debut because of how hard it turns out to be.

Kpop fans are well aware that its not easy being an idol but they also don’t know just how much idols go through.

In a recent episode of “Real Life Men and Women 2” two successful idols Girls’ Generation Sunny and Chung Ha discussed what difficult things they had to go through as idols.

Chung Ha; one of the former group I.O.I members was the first one to debut solo among her former group mates. She talked about how difficult it has been on her since she worked on her first solo album, she said,

“When I was working on my album, I used to get indigestion easily. During the course of preparation I felt so much pressure and the fact that I had to do it on my own made me have a mental break down.”

Being a part of a group lessens the burden but being a solo in South Korea and finding success if even more challenging and difficult.

Girls’ Generation Sunny had a different experience since she is a part of a group, she said,

“I don’t know much about loneliness or solitude since I actually like being by myself. Instead of having a hard time mentally, I struggle physically. My body aches a lot since I use it a lot, all my joints hurt.”

Han Eun Jung, who works in the entertainment world, talked about a different kind of pain she suffers from. She revealed that she is happy that a lot of people appreciate her but sometimes she thinks about why she started doing this and she added,

“When I wonder, I drink.”

What do you think of what they said?

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