Pentagon’s Hongseok Comments On The Ongoing Controversy Of E’Dawn And Cube Entertainment

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Pentagon’s Hongseok has become the first member of his group to open up about the ongoing controversy and discussions between his fellow group member E’Dawn and his agency, Cube Entertainment.

On September 18, Pentagon’s Hongseok attended “Real Men 300” press conference which was held on September 18.

The press conference was held at MBC Golden Mouth Hall in Seoul and was attended by the PDs of the show along with the cast Kang Ji Hwan, Matthew Douma, Kim Jae Hwa, Lee Yoo Bi, and Shinji.

During the conference, the topic of E’Dawn came up and he was asked about his group and E’Dawn, he said,

“Our members are currently actively promoting ‘Naughty Boy.’

Right now, I am diligently focused on our activities, and since E’Dawn hasn’t given a statement yet or shared his opinions on the matter you’re curious about, I don’t think I can speak about it easily, I remain cautious.”

On September 13, Cube Entertainment announced that HyunA and E’Dawn would be leaving the agency and cited ‘broken trust’ as the reason they were kicked out, after that, they retracted their statement and said they were discussing the issue and that the couple would have a say in whether they stay or leave.

Since then, the agency and both artists have been quiet. Although HyunA’s team has teased a possible upcoming collaboration with AOMG prompting fans into thinking that she would be moving to that agency.

However, neither HyunA nor E’Dawn released any official statements yet. Fans are anxiously anticipating the decision of the label and the artists.

What do you think of the ongoing issue?

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