K-Army Are Boycotting BTS And Big Hit Entertainment After They Announced Collaboration With Akimoto Yasushi

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Korean army are not happy right now!

Recently, it has been revealed that BTS will be working with popular producer Akimoto Yasushi on their upcoming Japanese song “Bird,” he is a very influential figure in the Japanese music scene and he was the producer behind AKB48.

He will be writing the upcoming Japanese track “Bird” and it is believed that Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk was the driving force behind the collaboration.

However, Korean fans were not happy with the news, and for a multitude of reasons that the international army might fail to understand.

They are against this collaboration because Akimoto Yasushi has been involved in controversy; he is believed to be ‘right-winger’ which stands for anti-Korean acts. He had previously been in controversy because AKB48 performed songs with the controversial rising sun flag.

Korean fans were enraged back then since its such a controversial and sensitive topic to Koreans. This is why K-Army are very disappointed right now in Bang Si Hyuk.

As results, they are now boycotting the group and the agency; they are not streaming BTS’ songs, music videos, and live broadcasts. Why are they doing that?

It’s because Big Hit Entertainment hasn’t issued a response to fan’s demands of an explanation after the announcement of the collaboration. BTS’s fan café is flooded with fan posts asking for an explanation, the fans believe he doesn’t suit BTS’s style and that BTS can do well without the collaboration.

Some k-army have also agreed not to buy BTS’s albums and official merchandise.

On Twitter, Korean army and Japanese army also tried to explain to international army why this collaboration is a bad idea.

Fans talked about his controversial past, he’s been always criticized for producing misogynistic songs which degrade women, especially young girls.

What makes the problem worse is that Korea has a tense relationship with Japan right now and since many believe he is a right-wing man, Koreans are very displeased and disappointed.

One Japanese army tweeted,

Another army wrote,

Another one said,

K-Army wrote comments such as,

“What are you thinking Big hit” “This is just wrong!” “Don’t sell BTS to Japan like that!”

The single will be released on November 7. Despite the backlash, Big Hit Entertainment remains silent for some reason.

Here are more tweets that dive into the situation:

What do you think of this?

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  1. We can’t tell anything right now we don’t know the exact thing we should let this aside and should listen the song he made .if that will good we have nothing to worry celebrities are known by their work if their work is okay then okay it doesn’t matter that he is member of which place oe anything we are army and have to support bts any how

    1. I don’t think he will write anything offensive to BTS but this isn’t the reason k-army are so upset right now. it has to do with what he supports and how much it differs from what bts supports and the fact they are korean…

  2. Thanks for your accurate explanation. I’m Korean, and I was really disappointed to Bang si-hyuck and Big hit. Koreans are very sensitive to Japanese right-wing. Japanese colonial era and everything that Japanese army did during that time must not be forgotten. If Big hit makes BTS do this collaboration, many Armies and K-pop fans will blame them. Actually, I was worried if I-Army would not understand this situation. I’m really appreciated with your understanding to I-Army. (Well, I’m not that good at English, so there’s some grammar mistakes…I’m so sorry about this…)

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