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Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon is not a woman who would keep quiet if a man tries to do anything bad to her.

She had to defend herself from an unknown staff member a couple of times at a recent music event.

On September 15, Hyoyeon attended World Club Dome music event, she was a stage guest of Dimitri Vegas. She has shared an exciting video of the event joined by Dimitri Vegas and DJ Raiden as well.


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Left!x4 + Right!x4 🤣🤣 . @dimitrivegasandlikemike @dj_raiden_ #worldclubdome . 낼 여기와서 #sober 듣자

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Fans enjoyed the event and were happy to see Hyoyeon there. However, that happiness was cut short when an audiovisual video of Hyoyeon shouting a man in English spread online, fans were not happy with what they heard.

The video is shot chaotically and features her voice in the background, she was saying,

“Excuse me, don’t touch me. Don’t touch me.”

Hyoyeon repeated this sentence a couple of times, this scared fans who thought it suggested that someone was trying to physically touch the idol without her consent.

It is also believed he is a foreigner because she was speaking in English. The video quality is shot badly and doesn’t show the people in question, its not enough to determine who could it have been.

The footage spread online and netizens are trying to find the culprit and digest the situation as well, someone can also be heard saying,

“My stage, my rules.. that you don’t film me… otherwise you can (inaudible) go down stairs.”

However, everyone is hearing something different and some believe this is the man who has been disrespecting Hyoyeon and trying to touch her inappropriately.

As you’d expect both Korean and international fans were furious when they saw the video and heard what was being said, they can’t believe that Hyoyeon was treated like that at an event she was a special guest on!

Here is the video, watch and judge for yourself:

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