EXO’s D.O and Nam Ji Hyun new drama “100 Day My Prince” is doing exceptionally well and its only recently aired.

Last week, the new tvN drama aired its first episode and broke a ratings record. The premiere became the highest viewership rating for the premiere of a Monday-Tuesday drama from tvN.

For its 3rd and 4th episode this week the drama continues to set new records. The 3rd episode rated 6% according to Nielsen Korea, in Seoul’s area it rated 6.22% which is slightly lower than its second episode but still great for a cable channel drama.

The 4th episode rated a staggering 7.27% according to Nielsen Korea; it rated 7.8% in Seoul area. This became the drama’s highest rated episode; this is exceptionally good for a cable channel and also the highest viewer ratings of all Monday-Tuesday.

The drama is raising anticipation with each passing episode; fans can’t wait to see what happens next.

Source: Nielsen Korea.

My Thoughts

gotta tell ya “100 Day My Prince” is so damn entertaining and episode 3 and 4 were even better than episode 1 and 2.

I am enjoying the drama a lot, I didn’t expect I’d enjoy it this much or that it would be this funny. Seeing him suffer is really funny and seeing how he interacts with his surroundings after losing his memory is also very entertaining.

Its gonna be a torturous 5 days before the drama airs its 5th episode. I am glad its doing so well in Korea, it deserves it.


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