Lee Jong Suk Breaks Down In Tears During Fan Meeting Discussing His Pending Military Enlistment

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Actor Lee Jong Suk has recently held a fan meeting on the 17 of August in Japan. He entertained his audience with many things during the event that he usually holds once a year.

Towards the end of the fan meeting he ended up talking about his pending military enlistment, he revealed that he won’t be greeting fans next year because of the pending enlistment.

He had already delayed his enlistment back in 2017, news broke out that he was supposed to enlist back in August but delayed hit because of his movie commitments.

He told fans,

“I won’t ask you guys to wait for me. If there are people who are better than me.”

Thank you for sharing 🙏👉 Trans 🙏:That’s all I’ve prepared for today. I have been holding fan meetings every year, and it seems that fans in Japan are cheering more and more. Thank you very much. I consider how I will repay you for being loved. ( jongsuk is likely to cry ) I almost cried. but, I have to finish this ending to go to eat quickly. hhh.. Maybe next year you will not be able to see my face for a while. I held myself in tears. In fact, I don’t want to ask anyone to wait like any celebrity if you find someone better… It’s okay. I felt like I was crying. …. I’m ok. The more I act , the harder I feel. Whenever I have the fan meeting, I feel that I have to act and it is right… I thought about what to say… What to say… ( jongsuk cries) omg~ I think it would be nice to show you another work. Anyway, I’ll leave after acting one more work. It was very difficult for me to choose a work unlike usual. ( jongsuk cries) I can’t enjoy acting as much as I used to. I’m sorry, but I’ll act with thankful heart so hard. I’m crazy.. ( jongsuk cries ). why do I do like this now ? why am I crying? (fans encourage. fans said ok ) I’m not ok…. I thank you for coming here so much. if we have any chance, let’s see again. be careful.. thanks ~ Cr.https://youtu.be/pEMPQRp0bMQ 08 17 2018 Lee JongSuk Fan Meeting in Japan #jongsuk #Leejongsuk #이종석 #李鍾碩 #イジョンソク #crankup

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  1. Love LJS so much for who he is not just his acting. I wiĺl never replaced him, will love him forever. Stay healthy n courageous LJS, whatever you do so long as you are happy, will be happy for you too. God bless you

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