How BIGBANG Members Proved Their Everlasting Bond In Supporting Seungri Despite Military Hiatus 

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BIGBANG members continue to showcase their tight bond even while they serve the military. They sent their youngest beautiful flower wreaths to show their support for his first ever solo concert in Korea.

The concert was a huge success, every fan who attended felt Seungri’s energy in his amazing performances that he had prepared. The concert was held on August 4 and 5.

Unfortunately, the members of BIGBANG couldn’t be present in person to see for themselves how Seungri performed in the concert but they made sure they would be there for him even in spirit.

He had shared a photo of the flower wreaths to his Instagram story and thanked his members for their never-ending supporting. Yang Hyun Suk later shared photos of the concert along with the flower wreaths as well.

The flower wreaths of each member read as follow,

Taeyang wrote, “From Private First Class Dong Young Bae. A promotion! I congratulate Lee Seung Hyun on his first solo concert.”

Gdragon wrote, “From Private First Class Kwon Ji Yong. I have nothing to say..”

Daesung wrote, “From Private First Class Kang Dae Sung. I’ll count to three for you to get over here! Lets win!”

T.O.P wrote, “From T.O.P. I am proud of our maknae! you don’t need to count to three (for me).”

As the four members currently serve the military, Seungri is promoting one last time before he joins his fellow members. He didn’t specify the exact enlistment date yet but fans believe it will be very soon as he said he plans on joining his members as soon as possible to reduce the hiatus period.

I just love how adorable BIGBANG is!

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