[BREAKING] HyunA and E’Dawn Confirm They Have Been Dating For Two Years


HyunA and E’Dawn confirm they’re dating!

The couple had previously sparked rumors of dating; they’re part of the co-ed trio Triple H. They have recently made a comeback and have been promoting it well.

Fans noticed that the interactions between HyunA and E’Dawn were ‘too friendly’ recently which sparked dating rumors between them, Cube Entertainment issued an initial response denying the rumors on August 2nd calling them ‘unfounded.’

Today, August 3rd, Yonhap News reported that the couple personally wanted to share the news that they were dating for two years.

According to the sources the couple said,

“We knew that dating publicly will cause us to be tagged in some way, but both of us felt it would be then hard to meet our fans’ eyes on stage. We wanted to honestly tell fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing on stage.”

HyunA has been dating E’Dawn since May 2016. She expressed her affection towards him by revealing he helped her a lot with her album but he was not officially credited for it.

Fans are now split because they were defending the two idols being friendly to each other but now it turns out they have been dating for two years.

International fans were, as expected, happy with the news, while some national fans bashed the idols for denying the truth and then re-stating it again.

What do you think of this?

Source: Yonhap News


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