Ahn Jae Hyun And Lee Da Hee Join Upcoming Drama “The Beauty Inside”


“The Beauty Inside” has added two more talented actors to its lineup, Ahn Jae Hyun and Lee Da Hee join the upcoming JTBC remake of the popular movie with the same title.

The drama is said to have begun shooting after confirming its leads.

The drama will be loosely based on the popular 2015 romantic comedy with the same title. It tells the story of Han Se Gye (Seo Hyun Jin), an A-list actress who must live a week of each month in the body of someone else and Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki), a man who suffers from prosopagnosia (inability to recognize people’s faces), for some reason he can only recognize hers.

The movie originally shows the lead male character waking up everyday in a different body but the drama will take a different approach, instead, the female lead will become a different person once a month due to supernatural phenomena.

Seo Hyun Jin is playing the role of Han Se Gye, she is a troublemaking actress with loads of rumors surrounding her, she is famous to acting with ‘100 faces’ and ‘100 types of acting.’ She meets Seo Do Jae and the door to her secrets open.

Lee Min Ki is playing the role of Seo Do Jae, he is the director of an airline. Despite his appearance and great intelligence, he suffers from prosopagnosia, he takes extra measures to memories people’s habits and walking patterns. He meets Han Se Gye and his life changes.

Lee Da Hee is playing the role of Kang Sa Ra, a woman who has a perfect life. She and Seo Do Jae are siblings from different parents through their parents’ second marriage. She is beautiful and intelligent, she tries to surpass Do Jae and ends up finding of Han Se Gye’s secret, she also ends up meeting Han Se Gye’s friend Ryu Eun Ho. She is blown away by his good nature and innocence.

Ahn Jae Hyun is playing the role of Ryu Eun Ho. He is a prospective priest who radiates refreshing energy to everyone around him. He protects his good friend Han Se Gye’s secret. He meets Sa Ra who is trying to dig up his best friend secret, his heart becomes a storm.

“The Beauty Inside” will air its first episode after “Life” wraps up.

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