Super Junior’s Kangin is back on instagram, two years after his second infamous DUI.

The idol had been embroiled in controversy back in 2016, when he was caught drunk driving, again.

It was back in May 2016,h e was caught again drunk driving, his blood alcohol level was 0.157%, a level high enough for his driver’s license to be revoked.

And in September 2016, he was ordered to pay a 7 million KRW (~$6,417 USD) fine.

He was involved in a drunk driving hit-and-run back in October of 2009, he had paid 8 million KRW (~$7,334 USD) fine back then.

Since 2016, he disappeared from variety shows and didn’t appear in Super Junior’s comebacks, some fans had even requested he be removed from the group.

Finally, more than two years later, he broke his silence on instagram today on July 30 with a photo of him making a heart finger to a background of beautiful blue skies.


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Some fans were happy to see that he’s probably getting back to the idol life while others didn’t welcome it. Those who liked the news said that the idol had spent enough time repenting on his wrongdoings and that he deserves another chance.

Fans who aren’t feeling so sure about this, said that he made too many mistakes and clearly has a drinking problem.

What do you think of this? Would you like to see him in the next Super Junior’s comeback?


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