BIGBANG’s Seungri has made his highly anticipated comeback today with his first studio solo album “The Great Seungri.”

He held the press conference of his first studio album at CGV Cheongdam Cinecity. He answered various questions about his album, his members and the production efforts that goes on behind the scenes for his group’s comebacks.

Gdragon who usually is in charge of his group’s album production was not the one who produced Seungri’s album.

Regarding that Seungri shared,

“They think that everything will automatically succeed if Gdragon’s involved but it’s not like that. There are times when I get upset because it seems like he is doing all the work on BIGBANG’s albums. I have also learned by watching my amazing hyungs and I made this album with the methods I learned over the years. Gdragon is coming out for a break from the military so I’ll talk to him about my album then.”

When asked about Gdragon’s health amid the news of his hospitalization for ankle surgery, he said,

“I had a very busy schedule and was busy preparing for my album honestly. I wasn’t able to contact him or check on his ankle condition. Also, its impossible to check on him in such situation.”

What do you think of what Seungri said?


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