“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” Season 2 Fan-Edited Stills Give Hardcore Fans Hopes For A Second Season


“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” Season 2 might never come to light but these mesmerizing convincing fan-edited stills are giving fans hope.

“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” is probably one of the most memorable Korean historical dramas in recent years. Fans loved watching IU and Lee Joon Gi share the screen together and thought they had great chemistry.

Some fans were even rooting for them to end up dating in real life.

2016 is long gone and both actors came back with new productions since then, most recently, Lee Joon Gi played the hot-headed lawyer in “Lawless Lawyer” where he shared the screen with Seo Ye Jin.

IU’s most recent drama was “My Mister,” she had shared the screen with actor Lee Sun Kyun.

An avid fan has edited photos of stills from their most recent dramas and made it look as if both actors were shooting a second season of “Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

Check out the sweet photos below, they’re very convincing and will make you want a season two so badly.


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