“Mr. Sunshine” Breaks Records With Its Premiere With Impressive Viewership Ratings

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The newest drama “Mr. Sunshine” is doing very well, it aired its first episodes on July 7 and 8. As expected the drama performed exceptionally well in ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of the drama rated an average 8.9% nationwide and 10.6% in Seoul area. It peaked at 12.7%. This makes “Mr. Sunshine” the tvN drama with the highest premiere ratings.

For its first and second episode, the drama took the top spot in both cable and public channels.

The second episode performed even better, it scored 9.6% nationwide, and an average of 11.5% in Seoul area, it also peaked at 13.9%.

The drama took over “Lawless Lawyer” time slot, the drama’s highest number was 8.9% which they achieved with their last episode.

Writer Kim Eun Sook’s comeback has fans talking, the drama’s great script, stellar cast and amazing cinematography took fans by surprise, the drama is well made.

Have you checked out the first episodes yet?

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  1. This drama is a wonderful drama too. Once again I was deeply moved by the enthusiasm of the writers and cast members. Korean dramas do not disappoint.

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