Kim Young Kwang Is Head Over Heels For Park Bo Young At “Your Wedding” Press Conference

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Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young’s chemistry at their upcoming movie recent press conference attracted lots of attention. Kim Young Kwang looked really happy on the red carpet with Park Bo Young.

Park Bo Young has had a great year in 2017, her drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” was a huge success, many fans wondered what her next move would be. She chose to come back with a movie called “Your Wedding” opposite Kim Young Kwang.

But this isn’t their first time sharing the screen, they had actually shared the screen in 2014’s movie “Hot Young Bloods” but they had a rivalry relationship that didn’t end well.

They got a second chance at making things right, in “Your Wedding.”

“Your Wedding” tells the story of first love; Park Bo Young plays the role Seung Hee who believes loves occurs in a matter of 3 seconds, and Kim Young Kwang who plays Woo Yeon, a man who believes that Seung Hee is his destiny. The two first met in high school, the story follows their relationship from high school to college days and until regular class working lives.

At the press conference, Kim Young Kwang admitted that Park Bo Young had 100% effect on him choosing this project.

He also revealed,

“When I looked at Park Bo Young, my acting just naturally came out.” when talking about acting in the drama.

The press conference photos say it all. Kim Young Kwang is head over heels for Park Bo Young. They make the perfect couple, he’s hella tall and she’s short, their height difference also drew attention to them.

He tried to match her height when asked to make a heart shape with her. The two appear to be comfortable around each other. Which leads me to the question… what will Park Hyung Sik do once he sees this? (Kidding, kidding, don’t attack me in the comment section)

“Your Wedding” premieres on August 22.

Do you think they would make a good couple?

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