Lee Hi has greeted her fans in a while by posting a heartwarming message on her fan café; the message was titled ‘I miss you.’


She said,

“Hi all how are you? Its getting hot. I miss you all so much as much as you miss me. I want to comeback fast but its not as easy as I thought TT

It wasn’t a comeback stage but I’ve been going to college festival and jazz festivals as well.

You don’t know how happy I am to see you guys who came to the events with the lightsticks in their hands. I am forever grateful. And I am sorry for lacking expressions as a singer. I always say this but I will work even harder! I miss you all every single day. Be careful of the hot weather! Its already June 20! Have a great day!”

Last year, she made an appearance on JYP’s Party People and talked about her long hiatus and broke down in tears, in response YG Entertainment announced that she is coming back; the comeback was aimed to come out 2017.

It was also revealed that her title track will feature Gsoul. It was expected that she’s make the comeback in 2017, as Yang Hyun Suk had promised sadly, nothing happened.

In March 2018, Yang Hyun Suk commented confirming that Lee Hi is preparing for her comeback. In May 2018, after his disk injury was healed, he confirmed that he is working on Lee Hi’s comeback.

With every passing day, fans become more frustrated. With Yang Hyun Suk’s continuous promises that didn’t yield much results, fans are less assured that she’d ever make a comeback.

For now, Yang Hyun Suk is focusing on Seungri and Sechskies who will be making comebacks in the upcoming months. There hasn’t been any official updates of teasers so far.

Do you think her comeback will happen in 2018?


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