Kim Go Eun Says She Reads All Those Hateful Rumors About Her And Talks About What Rumor Hurt Her Most

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Kim Go Eun has talked about rumors and how much it hurt her during a recent interview.

The actress was asked about the rumor that hurt her most, she said,

“There are so many, I honestly don’t know where to begin. All of them are false and it upsets me when I got criticized so much. For example, there was a rumor that said I use the company cared freely when in real life I haven’t even seen it before.My peers also send me rumors about myself.

I read all of the chatroom rumors about me.

I put my best on the set but there was a rumor that I was difficult on set. It upset me but I have been dealing with it since my debut so I think its my destiny.This is also why I don’t always easily agree and join conversations when someone is talking about someone else around me.”

What do you think of what Kim Go Eun said

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