“Boys Over Flowers” Actor Kim Joon Reveals He Has Been Married For 3 Years And Has A Child


Almost paradise? Looks like Kim Joon has been living in paradise for the past couple of years.

Actor singer and former idol group member Kim Joon (34) revealed to a news media outlet two things that shocked his fans.

A part of the original infamous F4 alongside Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon (real name Kim Hyung Joon) has gained fame through “Boys Over Flowers,” he was a part of the vocal group T-MAX.

He revealed,

“I got married 3 years ago. Until now, not many people knew about my marriage since there haven’t been any articles about it, so only close family members and friends knew. I decided to get married and form a family with my wife whom I have known for 9 years since before my debut, I am also the father of one child.”

He wrapped up his statement and said,

“I plan on greeting my fans in various productions from now on.”

His wife is reportedly a non-celebrity and an office worker who is the same age as him

Congratulations to Kim Joon for his marriage and first child.

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