Actor Jo Jung Suk Confirms He’s Getting Married To Singer Gummy

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Great news coming from long-term couple Jo Jung Suk and Gummy.

It has been revealed that the actor and singer will be getting married this fall!

On June 22, Ilgan Sports a media outlet reported that the couple is planning on getting married this fall, but an exact date hasn’t been determined yet.

Actor Jo Jung Suk then confirmed the happy news himself, in a statement to media outlet My Daily, he explained that they’re planning on getting married this fall.

He said,

“We have not held any formal meeting between our families yet or even decided on any wedding details since I am in the middle of filming my movie ‘Hit and Run.’ We love each other and will live happily together as a married couple.”

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy have been dating for a long time, they first met in 2013 and started dating then, their relationship was only made public in 2015.

With their unwavering love and admiration for each other, they were private but spoke fondly of each other at occasions.

Jo Jung Suk even thanked Gummy in 2017’s MBC Drama Awards, he mentioned her name while receiving his Male High Excellence Award, hinting at their unchanged love for each other.

The actor also previously commented on the possibility of them getting married, he said,

“We don’t have plans for marriage yet. Maybe it’s because we have been together for a long time. I get asked about marriage a lot. It’s only right for me to tell you if we do have such plans, but we really don’t have any right now. I’ll announce it when the time comes.”

Fans are extremely happy for the couple. They’re both 37 years old, with Gummy being slightly older than Jo Jung Suk.

Wishing them all the happiness in the world!

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